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Baby Quiet Book

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Many kids like it, quiet books. To keep your child entertained, to keep them engaged and share memories with them, you can create a quiet book. To catch the child’s interest fast, the cover page should be unique. Yes, you are making something for kids and they, unlike your adult eyes, often judge books by their covers. Here, we’ve made things easy for you to create a unique quiet book.

To create a quiet book you will need:

  • Inspiration
  • Tools: needles, sewing machines, glue, buttons, felt, ribbons
  • A little of your time (you are already here)

Quiet books are made for different ages. The common age range is between 2 – 5. However, they can be made for any age, even babies, depending on how fun it’s been crafted.

Steps in making a quiet book

Below are few short steps that will make creating a quiet book an easy and fun process.

1. Find ideas

Many ideas can come from your childhood. Think about what impresses you as a kid. These are things that excite you when you are still a child. Is there a memory that has stood for long with you? Examine them closely and see what can come into your quiet book. Write it down.Also, the internet is a golden place to get ideas. By typing the keywords on the net, a lot of ideas will be available to you. Your child can also be a source of inspiration for your quiet book. Look at what interest them, what they talk about, what they play with, what questions they ask from you…use it as a source of inspiration. In summary, you can get inspiration from:

  • Internet
  • Your childhood memories
  • Your children’s interests

2. Consider your children’s age

You don’t want to come up with a quiet book that will be hard to understand. Therefore, consider the users’ age. It will help to keep these books appropriate and easy to comprehend. When you’ve considered your children’s age, it’s like you have decided a market for selling a product. Every action you take will be influenced by what will interest your market. In this case, your children’s age is the market. Subconsciously, your mind starts to form questions:

  • What will interest a three or four or five years old?
  • What can she or he relate to?
  • What image can excite her as she read?

3. Plan it

Have idea of what you are creating. Determine how big it will be, a couple of few twenty pages or a hundred page that your child would dose off before she can finish. Will it be easy to carry? The user is a child, remember, and you will not be there all the time to carry it for them. So, pick a pencil and few papers; draft the book out on the pages. If you want to use a template from anywhere, say the internet, have the template with you. This will let you know if there is a material you don’t have ready. And that you could get them.

4. Prepare the materials

You have an idea what you are creating now; it is easier to decide what is needed. In your plan or template, you have the image of what you have to cut; now you can cut them. Prepare the things you will need. For instance, if your template on page one is to design the image of a fish. You will be spending your time here on making the fish, making it interesting and beautiful.

5. Lay out the page

Your plan or template is still helpful here. You have cut out the necessary image on the last stage; now carefully place each item on the surface as described by the plan or template. This will allow you to realize how the pages will look like before making a final decision by glueing it firmly. You will have the picture and if there are changes to be made, you can simply make them

6. Assemble and fix

Either with a glue or needle, depending, you have to fix the pieces to the page. Be careful with glues, because they can stain and distort the beauty of the page. Make sure your hands are clean and dry. If you are using glues, depending on the type of glue, consider using clean brushes. After the supplies have been properly glued or sewed, the quiet book is ready. They are permanent now and ready for use.


The design you cut out depends on you and the interest of your kids. In addition, depending on their age or the number of the users, you might want to consider:

  • Creating a handle to the quiet book
  • Create multiple or duplicate books for two or more kids
  • Indicate child’s name on the cover page
  • Make the each sheet removable for you, not for the kids. At times, you might want to use a sheet in another quiet book.

Enjoy the fun of creating something for your kids. The process is pleasant. That way the result will be fun. Enjoy.

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