How to Choose the Best Quiet Hair Dryer

Best Quiet Hair Dryer

You don’t always need to make a salon appointment to have the perfect hair; not when you have a great hair dryer at home. It is not really possible to make appointments before work every day, or before an important occasion. With so many available in the market, it is not always an easy task to find the right one that can give you voluminous hair to make you look absolutely gorgeous. The right hair dryer is out there, but it may take a lot of research to choose one.

Important Qualities of a Good Hair Dryer

A good and effective hair dryer will need a number of qualities; a chief one among them would be weight. When a hair dryer is light and all the buttons are in a convenient place for you to reach, it will definitely be easier to use it, especially when you are using it for long durations and every day.

If you have a number of heat and speed settings, it will be a versatile tool that you can use for a number of hairstyles. Also, look for a hair dryer that has a long cord, so that you can use it from a long way from the power source, anywhere around the room. At the same time, if your hair dryer comes with a few extra attachments, you can try out different styles for work or social occasions.

Among a lot of qualities, a hair dryer needs to be quiet.

Why should you buy a Quiet Hair Dryer?

You can never really be satisfied with a loud hairdryer, especially when you are going to use it first thing in the morning. When a hair dryer is loud, it is usually extremely loud and very disturbing. You wouldn’t want to wake up the whole household with your loud hair dryer first thing in the morning! If you have a small baby in the house, or children who need their daily sleep, a noisy hair dryer can be quite a nuisance.

We usually use our hair dryer every day and for a long duration. Long exposure to such loud sound can actually impair our hearing, especially when used every day.

When used professionally in a hair salon, noisy hair dryers can be especially problematic. In a small space, more than 3 or 4 loud hair dryers can reach a dangerous level of 250 decibels, which can be dangerous for both the customers and the people working there.

The Best Quiet Hair Dryers

Here is a list of the 10 best hair dryers available in the market that doesn’t make any sound:

1.Professional Salon Grade Ionic Ceramic AC Infrared Heat Dryer from MHD

MHU Professional Salon Grade

This hair dryer ensures low noise and takes a very little time to dry hair. With 2 speeds and 3 style settings, you can use it to create different hairstyles. This MHD Professional Grade hair dryer is perfect for all hair types and doesn’t damage hair, even after using it regularly every day. Far infrared heat makes it possible to dry and style hair in less than 50% of the time, without any damage.

This professional salon grade hair dryer has an easy grip for your convenience, as well as a 9-foot cord so that you can use it far away from the power source. For special occasions, this hair dryer comes with two separate attachments: an airflow concentrator and a diffuser, to make your hair free from frizz and voluminous. With a professional hook, it is easy to store or hang your hair dryer after you are done using it.

2. Ionic 3900 Healthy Hair Dryer from Elchim

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

With this Ionic hair dryer from Elchim, you can get salon-like hair every day with as little time as possible. Your hair will feel beautiful and voluminous with this professional hair dryer, without any damage done to it. It comes with a 9-foot long cord that makes it easier for you to move around the room when you are using this hair dryer.

With very little noise, Elchim 3900 hair dryer exposes us to a gentle air flow that is neither painful to the scalp nor damaging to our hair. Rather, hair is left glowing and healthy-looking after each drying, with 2 air speeds and 3 different temperature options. A professional look at the comforts of your own home for men and women who are busy and always in a hurry, but nevertheless, wants to look perfect. Besides, the Ionic 3900 from Elchim comes with two concentrators, one for brushing your hair while drying it, and another for more severe styling.

3. 1875W Professional Infrared Hair Dryer from Xlinder

1875W Professional Infrared Hair Dryer from Xlinder

With a reliable AC motor, this professional salon hair dryer takes a short time to dry your hair, while making as little noise as possible. It is a quiet hair dryer that uses negative ions to effectively help you dry and style your hair, without causing any damage to it. It comes with 3 heat settings: warm, hot and cool to suit your preference, as well as two speed settings, High and Low.

The 1875W Hair Dryer from Xlinder not only dries hair, but makes it look voluminous, shiny and silky. In a few minutes with minimum fuss, your hair can get a professional look only possible in salons, which is perfect before heading off to work!

4. Q-Zone Hair Dryer from Centrix

Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

The Q-Zone Hair Dryer from Centrix is a lightweight product that is also a quiet tool. It is a preferred hair dryer for professional salons for its noiseless operation, as it can maintain a peaceful environment. With 2 different speed settings, it is easy to use this hair dryer as it has dual shot positions, one in the front and the other in the back of the grip.

This powerful but quiet hair dryer uses ionic technology to reduce the time you usually need to dry and style hair, as well as give you healthier-looking bouncy hair. Weighing only 3 pounds, you won’t have any trouble carrying this hair drying, or holding it for a long duration when in use.

5. Whisper Pro-Dryer from BIO ICONIC

Whisper Pro-Dryer from BIO ICONIC

Exceptionally quiet but at the same time, powerful, the Whisper Pro Dryer is a lightweight product weighing only 2 pounds. It is beautifully designed in shades of black and blue, with conveniently placed buttons that are easy to handle. With a 1400W motor, it takes very little time for this hair dryer to dry and style your hair, with sliding power and temperature control.

Nanolonic minerals generated by the Whisper Pro-Dryer keeps hair hydrated and smooth, and doesn’t cause any damage or pain to the scalp. Your hair won’t have any frizz left in it by the time you have used this hair dryer; rather, it is great at smoothing unruly hair. This hair dryer is a tool of choice in professional salons and stylists, for its affordability and effectiveness.

6. Negative Ion Hair Dryer by Vivid & Vogue (VAV)

Negative Ion Hair Dryer

This exceptional hair dryer uses negative ion to quickly and effectively dry hair without damaging it and is completely quiet. The motor is powerful at 1875W DC, which reduces use time every time you use it. It comes with 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings to choose from; your hair will be silkier, shinier and smoother than ever before with this hair dryer.

A unique five-pointed design ensures adequate flow of air, and a cool shot button helps style your hair. A removable contractor gives you the chance to style your hair as you want to, with the temperature of your choice. A hanging loop makes it easier to store the Vivid & Vogue Hair Dryer when you are in a hurry, and the 1.8 meter cord comes with a Velcro band for convenience.

7. Ionity Low-Noise Hair Dryer from Panasonic

Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic

Panasonic is definitely a reliable brand, which makes this hair dryer one of the best in the market. Made in Thailand, this model is inspired by Japanese design and has managed to completely satisfy previous users. It is an extremely quiet hair dryer that will also effectively dry and help style your hair with a powerful AC100V motor.

Weighing less than 1.5 pounds, it is a lightweight product you won’t have trouble carrying or holding in your hands for a long duration. The cord is 67 inches long which makes it a convenient tool, and the powerful motor cuts back use time by 1/3rd. Since it is an exceptionally quiet hair dryer, it can be easily used in the same room when babies are sleeping, or after bathing your pet cat or dog.

8. Whisper Ceramic Ionic Quiet Lite from Ionic

Panasonic Low-Noise IONITY Hair Dryer

The Whisper Quiet Lite from Ionic is a ceramic hair dryer that uses tourmaline ionic technology to dry hair, keeping it look shinier and silkier. Negative ions keep the moisture intact so that hair isn’t damaged while drying. With an 1875W powerful motor, this lightweight and noiseless hair dryer comes with 2 different speed settings to choose from, as well as 4 temperature settings.

The sound this hair dryer makes is barely above a whisper if you are worried about sound; actually, it happens to be quieter than most other “quiet” hair dryers available in the market. The controls are on the handle and easy to use, and your hands won’t get tired even when you are holding the dryer for a long time. In an affordable price, this hair dryer from Ion is one of the best “quiet” hair dryers available.

9. Berta Professional Blow Dryer from MHD

Berta Professional Folding Blow Dryer

This is another noiseless hair dryer from MHD that is a lightweight tool weighing only 1.6 pounds, easy to hold and handle for a long time. With a powerful 1875W motor, drying your hair will only take a few minutes with this hair dryer. The handle can be folded when needed, making it easy to store this tool whenever you don’t need it or if you want to travel with it. A compact tool, this hair dryer from MHD comes with a cool shot button and 2 heat and speed settings.

In a brilliant red-and-white design, the Berta Professional Hair Dryer comes with a 1.8-meter power cord and a hanging loop for your convenience. Stylish is easy and fast with this dryer, and in addition, it is completely silent.

10. 1875W 146NP Hair Dryer from Conair

Conair 146NP 1875 Watt Hairdryer

This is a new hair dryer from Conair that runs on a powerful 1875W motor; which makes it easier to dry or style your hair in a matter of minutes. The 146NP is also an extremely quiet tool, and won’t bother you with a loud noise or hum when you are using it. The controls on the handle are easy to reach while you are using this hair dryer, and it is a lightweight product at only a little over 2 pounds.

The design is utterly beautiful and elegant, in a shade of blue and black. The 146NP comes with 2 heat settings, and two separate attachments: a concentrator and a diffuser. It also has a hanging ring for your convenience when you are busy using your hair dryer.

Unless we are completely careless about how we look, a hair dryer is a very important part of our lives. The right hair dryer can make our lives so much easier, and ensure that our hair looks perfect every time we step out the door. As well as being effective and powerful, the right hair dryer also needs to be a quiet one. We don’t want the children to wake up every morning at the sound of our loud hair dryers, not do we want this sound to overwhelm us first thing in the morning.

A good hair dryer that is also silent can be a great blessing in disguise. Here was a list of the 10 best “quiet” hair dryers in the market, so that you can choose one that suits your budget and other preferences.

You definitely want your regular hair dryer to be a noiseless, quiet one, don’t you?

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